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7 Locations for the Price of One

G2 (Guntersville Overflow)






Rainbow City




Working in Public Safety, I needed to make sure I was in some type of shape for any situation I may come across. Being a husband and a father of three, I always tried to make excuses for not going to the gym. Having access to Willmore Total Fitness 24/7 helped change that! These last 4 months have changed me! Each day I’m always thinking , I can’t wait to get in the gym!!

Dustin B.

Larry and Glenda.png

Larry and Glenda have been married 40 years! They started at Willmore Total Fitness April 2019 almost 5 months ago. Glenda is 67 and has had a total of 6 knee surgeries! When she first started Glenda had limited mobility in her legs bending her knees was a challenge at times. In just this short time she is now able to do 30 mins treadmill and 30 mins on octane bike and is able to do all machines including leg press has even had to up reps and weight!! Larry is 74 is a cancer survivor and has been clinically dead 3 times and has a defibrillator and that does not slow him down! He does 30 mins on treadmill and does all the workout machines we have. In just 5 months Larry has dropped 6 pant sizes and 22 pounds!! They both come at least 4-5 times a week. We are so proud of your success and grateful to have members like you!!!

Larry and Glenda B.

Total Fitness 24/7

Gym Addresses
- Albertville - 103 Sand Mountain Drive
- Boaz - 1966 US Highway 431
- Guntersville - 11368 US Highway 431
- Arab - 8801 US Highway 231  
- Rainbow City - 209 Rescia Avenue
- Crossville - 13678 AL Highway 68 
- G2- 14226 US Highway 431 Suite 7

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 370

Boaz, AL 35957

Tel: (256) 960-2361


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